Elaine Agnew


Type of Work: Orchestra with choir
Instrumentation: Wind, brass, classroom percussion, strings and choir
Length: 15 minutes
Text: Creative writing facilitated by Pat Brennan
Commissioned by: Donegal Music Education Partnership
Premiere: 27 September 2013, Ramelton Town Hall Theatre, Donegal.
Donegal Integrated Junior Ensemble, conducted by Elaine Agnew


River of Dreams is a major education commission from Donegal Music Education Partnership for the Donegal Integrated Junior Ensemble (orchestra and choir)

Working closely with the instrumental tutors, the piece evolved over a series of workshops and rehearsals leading to two performances: the premiere in Ramelton Town Hall and the Abbey Centre in Ballyshannon.  Local writer Joe Brennan facilitated a workshop with the percussion group from Ayr Hill NS in Ramelton and created the central text River of Dreams.